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Free of charge use

All the features of Natural Language API can be used at no cost by any registered user without a paid subscription as long as the monthly usage is below 10M characters.
Once this limit is reached, no text can be submitted to the API until the beginning of the first day of the following month, when the monthly usage counter is reset.
To use the service without the limit, subscribe to a payment plan as described below.

There are two ways to subscribe to a service payment plan:

  • By choosing one or more plans from the Subscriptions page of the developer portal (
  • For AWS users, by choosing the Natural Language API product from the AWS Marketplace catalog

In both cases, existing subscriptions are visible in the Subscriptions page of the developer portal, however AWS Marketplace subscriptions must be managed from the AWS console.

For AWS Marketplace pricing and subscription options, see the product page:

Pricing for usage of our standard offering can be seen below.

Subscription plans from the developer portal

Pricing for the use of the Natural Language API is computed monthly based on the amount of Content the Customer sends to the API for analysis in the preceding calendar month. On the first day of the next month, the credit card used for the subscription will be charged for the usage incurred in the preceding month. The entire amount of consumption will be charged at the corresponding tier. If the usage is below 10M characters, there will be no charge to subscribed users unless they are subscribed to the Media Bundle, in which case they will still pay the flat fee. Usage of the two Bundles is charged separately, so a user with a subscription to both will be charged for each one. Users can track their usage at

Free Tier

The free tier is implicitly included in any subscription.

Includes: All the features of the Volume Bundle and the Media Bundle (see below).
Price: Free up to 10M characters/month

Volume Bundle

Includes: Sentiment analysis, semantic analysis, part-of-speech tagging, morphological analysis, text subdivision, dependency parsing, lemmatization, named entity recognition, keyphrase extraction, relation extraction.
Small (10M – 100M characters): $2.50/million characters
Medium (100M – 500M characters): $1.00/million characters
Large (500M – 2B characters): $0.55/million characters

Media Bundle

Includes: Document classification with IPTC Media Topics, GeoTax taxonomy (with optional GeoJSON output), Emotional Traits and Behavioral Traits; PII detection, Writeprint detection, temporal information detection.
Flat fee: $1,000 per month regardless of usage
Small (10M – 100M characters): $2.50/million characters
Medium (100M – 500M characters): $1.00/million characters
Large (500M – 2B characters): $0.55/million characters

Special requirements and customization

If you need to submit more than 2B characters per month or have other special requirements, please contact